Services &

As an experienced Services and Commissioning Manager, Base Services Group ensures buildings operate optimally and fulfill their design intent.

We provide strategic guidance for coordinating services, managing commissioning, and overseeing project delivery through effective procedures that optimize outcomes on complex projects involving advanced technologies and sustainability requirements.


Strategic Project Coordination

We provide detailed and strategic management of services coordination, delivery, and commissioning for seamless integration and optimal performance.


Comprehensive Commissioning Management

Our systematic approach involves creating, reviewing, and managing all key commissioning documentation to ensure successful handover.


Expert Engineering Oversight

Collaborating with trusted firms, we provide extensive oversight across all engineering disciplines through our proactive project management.


Main Contractor Support and Client Assurance

We guide head contractors throughout commissioning, mitigating risks to deliver projects meeting the highest performance and efficiency standards.

Milestone Services & Commissioning Management Projects

Queens Wharf, Brisbane
Microsoft Data Centres MEL04, MEL05, MEL11, Melbourne
CSL Project Banksia, Melbourne